Who is Eurozone?

If the auto industry was more adaptable it wouldn’t have to overcharge people to make a profit.” That’s the thought that sparked the beginning of euro zone

With 50 years combined experience in auto, we were frustrated that the industry was lagging behind Yand customers (including us) were paying the price when we knew that that with some innovation this could change.

Instead of waiting for someone else to make this change, we embraced the challenge and created eurozone, and we’re glad we did – eurozone is a tech-led company, bringing genuine parts,oem parts,used parts direct from the europe,middle east and far east asia,for your european and japanese(limited models) according to your requirements fair price in the market with 6 to 12 month warranty

euro zone

Our philosophy is to be transparent with customers – fair costs, quality service and letting customers know what they’re paying for: it’s pretty simple but giving customers visibility isn’t common in auto.

We are use to communicating customers with social media( whatsapp,viber,also in our facebook page)To provide estimates,undertake parts orders We want to create value for customers and to listen to them so we can adapt as we evolve, we do this by pairing auto . expertise with innovation and technology.